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Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles (323) 275-9019

  • Posted On October 8, 2013
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Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles (323) 275-9019

Drugs and alcohol addiction are preventable and curable diseases, which mean there is hope for a successful recovery. Los Angeles Rehabilitation Centers help individuals understand what drove them to begin using. As they learn their trigger points, these individuals realize new interests to help them find enjoyment in life without drugs. Call to speak with a caring representative about beginning rehabilitation. (323) 275-9019

About Addiction

Alcohol abuse and drug dependence begins with the first drink, the first pill or injection. The cycle continues because the user’s brain craves more and more in order to reach the same level of satisfaction as the last time. Some people don’t experience this right away, it is dependent on the substance, if people drink three beers and like the buzz they often want that same effect the next time.

A heavy drinker may have to begin drinking more to achieve the same effects they felt when they first started drinking and same goes for drugs. Unfortunately, bodies become accustomed to certain feelings and build a tolerance that requires more to reach the same desired effect. This is often the cycle of addiction and can lead to overdose. Call now if you feel that someone you know or if you are experiencing the cycle of addiction. (323) 275-9019

Because alcohol consumption is socially acceptable and many events revolve around drinking, it is difficult for someone with an addiction to avoid activities where people are drinking:

  • Drinking while watching a sports event.
  • Drinking beer at a back-yard barbeque.
  • Business functions.
  • Celebrations

Alcohol addiction is treatable and with substitutes for drinking filled with new behaviors, he or she will have a successful addiction recovery. Call for treatment now and learn the mechanisms that making living with addiction less painful. (323) 275-9019

Warning Signs of Addiction

If someone is using drugs, there are telltale warning signs, some are subtle and others are more obvious. Even though the addict’s loved ones recognize these warning signs, the individual with the drug problem is in denial and refuses to accept there is an alcohol addiction problem.

  • Dilated pupils
  • Flushed face
  • Staggered walking
  • Slurred speech

These symptoms could easily be mistaken for the flu or the person’s sugar level dropping. If this happens just one time, those may be legitimate excuses. If these indicators are frequently experienced the individual may have a drug and alcohol abuse problem. Los Angeles CA Alcohol Detox Centers can help individuals recognize the symptoms of addiction and develop a plan for a successful recovery.

The warning signs listed above are the physical symptoms; there are also behavioral warning signs because the individual is either drunk or using:

  • Missing work
  • Neglecting family responsibilities
  • Forgetfulness
  • Restlessness
  • Shaky hands
  • Lack of concentration
  • Forgetfulness
  • Reduced inhibitions

When everyone ignores or denies an addiction problem, the warning signs become health problems. If someone drinks too much too often, serious health problems develop:

  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Cancer of the mouth
  • Diabetes
  • Hepatitis
  • Heart disease

Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles CA help individuals with an addiction to alcohol learn to recognize the warning signs and take responsibility. The medical staff starts with an assessment to determine if the individual has developed any health problems. Call (323) 275-9019 and begin Alcohol Rehab and Alcohol Detox today.

Learn How to Overcome Alcohol Addiction at the Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab Center

Los Angeles Alcohol Treatment Centers provide support for individuals with alcohol and drug addiction problems. The individual meets with one of the in-take counselors for an assessment. Because addiction varies from person to person, the counselor needs to learn more about the individual’s alcohol or drug consumption:

  • How often the person drinks and how much does he or she consume substances?
  • Are there specific situations where the individual cannot say no when offered a drink?
  • Does the person have emotional problems or an undue amount of stress in his or her life?
  • The individual’s medical history.
  • The individual’s family history.

Once the counselor understands the individual’s substance of abuse problems, a personalized drug abuse treatment plan is developed:

  • Detoxification – the individual stops drinking and is treated for withdrawal symptoms.
  • Behavior modification – the person learns how to find new interests and fill the time previously spent drinking.
  • Group counseling – the individual is in a group setting with other individuals dealing with addiction.
  • One-on-one therapy – the individual meets with a licensed therapist with the Alcohol Treatment Center Los Angeles to share his or her story. The counselor wants to understand how they came to this point in their life, what is their mental condition and physical health problems, and who have their hurt with their alcohol addiction problems.

Call (323) 275-9019 to begin a recovery plan.

About Los Angeles

Los Angeles, commonly referred to as L.A., is the most populous city in California. Located in Southern California, the population in L.A. is more than 3.7 million people. L.A. is a multi-cultural city with over 200 different languages spoken by its ethnic residents.

Historical records date back to 1542 when it was purchased at the end of the Mexican war in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This coastal city brings more sunshine than cloudy days, with the temperatures in the winter months dropping to a mild 60 degrees and reaching the 90s in the summer months. L.A. is both flat and hilly, making there are extreme variations in the temperatures depending on the location.

L.A is truly an inclusive city with strengths of trade in fashion, international trade, media, cultural arts, sports and education. The city is home to an abundance of landmarks such as the Griffith Observatory, TCL Chinese Theater, and the Capital Records building. L.A is well known for its leading production of music, movies, and television series making it a hot spot for many celebrities to live.

Residents and visitors can enjoy both a city inhabitants as well as a beach atmosphere. From the long list of water sports, shopping and dining options and job opportunities L.A is an exciting place to live or vacation. For the more reserved L.A offers 72 public libraries and over 20 museums including the Museum of Tolerance, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Hollywood Wax Museum.

In 2012, L.A had an intake of approximately 45,000 drug and alcohol addicts in the treatment facilities. Methamphetamines remain to be a rising issue within the city though the number prescription medication abusers have declined. Due to the culturally diverse area and melting pot of citizens there is also an assortment of drugs and substance abuse.

If you or someone that you know is struggling with an addiction please don’t hesitate to contact Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles. Call today for information on the road to recovery. (323) 275-9019

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