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  • Posted On September 19, 2014
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In 2009, law enforcement working in Los Angeles arrested more than 2,600 people on drinking and driving charges in just two weeks. If you get behind the wheel with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.8 percent or higher, you’re guilty of driving while intoxicated. A DUI in the city can come with penalties that include up to six months in jail, a $1,000 fine, court-ordered rehab and the suspension of your license. Get treatment today before you find yourself in this situation.

If you or a loved one have been struggling with alcohol abuse and addiction, call Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles at (323) 275-9019.

Identifying Abuse in Yourself and Others

Blackouts are a common warning sign of alcoholism. This occurs when an individual drinks to the point where he or she cannot remember the events that occurred while under the influence of alcohol. Ignoring your duties and responsibilities in favor of drinking is another potential warning sign. Other signs that you might have a problem include:

  • Using alcohol to hide your thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Drinking even though it damages the relationships you have with others
  • Keeping bottles of alcohol hidden from others
  • Noticing that you need to drink more on a regular basis
  • Engaging in dangerous or risky behaviors while drinking

Before You Stop

If you are dealing with an addiction, before you abruptly stop drinking, you should be aware of the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol that you might experience. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, shaking, headaches and vomiting are some of the first symptoms. Those symptoms can later give way to hallucinations, seizures and a high fever.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles CA provide clients with a safe place to detox and go through the withdrawal process. The doctors working in our drug rehab treatment centers have access to prescription medications that will help you get a good night’s sleep and feel better during your withdrawal.

Тoday Is the Day

Finding alcohol treatment in Los Angeles, CA is as easy as reaching for your phone. When you call us about your alcohol abuse, we will talk through your issues and help you realize that today is the day you gain control over your life. You can break free from the hold it has over you through addiction treatment methods such as medical detoxification, behavioral therapy, and long-term aftercare. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles now at (323) 275-9019.

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