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Alcoholism Treatments Los Angeles CA

  • Posted On September 11, 2014
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Alcoholism Rehab Treatments Los Angeles, CA (323) 275-9019

Alcoholism Treatment Centers Los Angeles understands individuals with an alcohol addiction have a disease which they have lost control of. Just like any disease though life is worth fighting for. The concept of addiction as a disease is because the compulsiveness of drinking comes from its effects on the brain which an addict can lose control of.

When the health problems of an addiction begin it can , result in devastating consequences. Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles CA work to help individuals stop the self-destructive behavior. Call now to see how they can help you. Dial (323) 275-9019 for immediate assistance.

Addiction Questions and Answers

Alcoholism Treatment Centers Los Angeles CA provide an experienced staff to help individuals overcome addiction. There are two common questions people have in regards to the treatment of alcohol abuse:

Question: Can someone start alcohol rehabilitation treatment if he or she needs to keep working?
Answer: Yes, individuals with commitments can participate in the outpatient treatment. Los Angeles Alcoholism Treatment Centers works closely with the individual to determine the best treatment plan and accommodates family and work obligations.
Question: If someone with a substance abuse problem knows the seriousness of addiction, why do they continue drinking or using drugs.
Answer: Most people with an addiction to alcohol believe they can stop any time they want. Many of these individuals try to stop without treatment but their attempts failed for long-term abstinence because the cravings are too strong.

Substance abuse of any kind is complicated and dangerous. Call (323) 275-9019 to begin alcoholism treatments.

Become Familiar with Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol addiction is a chronic compulsive disorder causes by the brain’s reaction to the toxins in the alcohol. The alcoholic is compelled to keep drinking in order to bring back the feeling they first experienced. When they start Alcoholism Treatments, there is a series of programs they work through in order to recover:

  • An assessment is the first step. The staff with the alcohol treatments center needs to understand the individual’s personal situation:
    • What age did the drinking start?
    • Why did they take that first drink?
    • Have they tried to quit?
    • What type of alcohol, how much and the frequency.
  • Detoxification is the second step. In order for the individual to complete successful alcohol treatments, he or she needs to stop drinking and let the remains of the alcohol in their system dissipate. If they do not complete this phase of treatment, their body continues to crave alcohol. They cannot focus on recovery if their pulled towards drinking.
  • Counseling covers several steps of the treatment program. The type of counseling sessions depends on the alcoholic’s personal situation. If he or she has a spouse or other close family members, an intervention helps everyone begin to heal. Group counseling helps addicts understand they are not alone and other people are going through the same situation. Individual counseling helps the individual share intimate details about his or her addiction. Call (323) 275-9019 to begin a drug rehabilitation program.
  • Therapy sessions include the following:
    • Behavioral therapy helps the individual learn new hobbies to replace the time spent drinking or passing out from intoxication.
    • Occupational therapy works with the individual to help them gain employment.
  • Relapse Prevention helps the individual learn how to avoid the trigger points leading them to drinking.

Once the individual completes Alcoholism Treatments, they begin to avoid situations where there are temptations. It is important for the alcoholic to make new friends and find new interests in order to avoid compulsive behaviors. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles at (323) 275-9019 to begin alcohol treatments today.

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