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Prescription Drug Abuse

  • Posted On September 11, 2014
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Understanding Prescription Drug Abuse

Addiction is an intense disease because the cravings are uncontrollable. Individuals dealing with prescription drug abuse cannot stop using drugs even though the consequences can be devastating. Addiction causes a myriad of problems. Los Angeles Treatment Centers for Addiction provides individualized treatment programs to meet the needs of each person in treatment. Call and talk to a counselor about drug abuse and addiction.

Myths and Truths about Addiction

Scientists continue to study addiction but the public’s opinion of drug addiction differs greatly. Drug Treatment Centers Los Angeles CA provides clarity for the addict as well as his or her family members. The following are some of the most common misconceptions about drug abuse and addiction:

Myth: Drug addicts are homeless, aimlessly walking the streets panhandling for money.
Truth Addicts come from all lifestyles: the employed and unemployed; the young and old; living in poverty to living in mansions. Some of the most powerful CEO’s are combating an addiction.
Myth: People with an addiction don’t have any moral compass.
Truth: Addicts are not evil. Addiction is a disease and the user has lost control of rational thinking.
Myth: If the person addicted to a drug had willpower, he or she could quit if they wanted to.
Truth: Because of the power drug abuse and misuse has on the brain, the addict has lost control. The cravings overshadow willpower but drug addiction rehab treatment helps with the strong hold of addiction, call .
Myth: Drug detox is only necessary if hard drugs are used.
Truth: In order for an individual with an addiction to complete a successful recovery, the individual needs to stop using drugs and let his or her system adjust to a drug-free system.
Myth: Severe health problems only result with illegal drug use.
Truth: Unfortunately, all types of alcohol and drugs bring side effects, including: prescription medication, over the counter medicines, inhalants and all illicit drugs. Drugs and alcohol rewire the brain which can cause a number of health problems.

These views shaped society’s opinion on addiction, but scientist have made great strides in understanding the complexities of addiction. Substance Abuse Centers Los Angeles CA are educated and experienced with the complications of prescription drug abuse call now for help.

Types of Prescription Drug Abuse

According to the National Association on Drug Abuse, the younger the person is when they experimented with drugs, the higher the risk factors. The individual starts with a low dosage and begins increasing the amount of drugs used. Eventually they add a second substance or continue increasing the quantity. The professional staff with the Drug Treatment Centers Los Angeles CA works with individuals at every age to overcome the power of addiction. Call to begin a treatment program.

When someone is dealing with a health problem, such as depression, attention deficit disorder, cancer or recovering from an accident, their physician prescribes a medication. When the individual does not follow the prescribed dosage, an addiction develops. There are several types of prescription drugs abused:

  • Medical professionals prescribe tranquilizers to promote sleep or reduce anxiety. The most common classification includes barbiturates, benzodiazepines and other depres
  • Stimulants are a class of drug used to enhance the activity of dopamine in the brain, increasing arousal, the user’s heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. At the same time, stimulants suppress appetite. Physicians typically prescribe stimulants to treat attention-deficit disorder. Illicit drugs not prescribed such as cocaine and methamphetamine also fall into this classifica
  • Sedatives are another type of prescription drug abused. Sedatives suppress anxiety and promote sleep. The drug classification for sedatives includes benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and other depressants (similar to tranquilizers).

Call and talk with one of the experienced counselors about prescription drug abuse.

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